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Hello and welcome to The Shawm Shop.

My name is Erik Martens and I am a musical instrument maker.

In this shop you can find my shawms, chalumeaux and related items such as reeds, instrument bags, etc.

Some personal information:

I have been playing the tenor shawm since 2008 as a member of the Colchester Waits. Being an engineer by profession, I have a natural curiosity about how things are made and whether I can make them myself.

Recently Mr. John Hanchet generously offered me the opportunity to take over some of his shawm designs. He wanted somebody to continue the production of these instruments while he enjoys a well deserved rest. With his years of experience and some of his tooling, he expertly taught me the skills of wood turning and instrument making.

The shawms:

The range of instruments that I have taken over are Spanish shawms. These robust, uncomplicated instruments with a strong clear tone are perfect for outdoor performances in all weather. The instruments come in a=440 as sopranino (F & G), sopranos (C & D) and altos (F & G). More details are available on the Instruments page.

The shawms are made of British sycamore and then stained and oil finished.

Although the range is limited at the moment, plans are already in place for expanding the range with different types of shawms and in different pitches.

For beginning shawm players we also sell the book: 'How to play the shawm' by Aline Hopchet.

The reeds:            (

No shawm will play properly without a good reed. Each new instrument is supplied with a reed made by Lizzie Gutteridge, an established supplier of reeds for shawms and curtals. Further reeds can be added to your order, or purchased from Lizzie direct. Each instrument and all reeds will be tested by Lizzie before shipping.

Servicing and adjustments:

Combining my own engineering and musicianship skills with Lizzie’s musicianship and reed making skills, we can offer to check your old shawm over and give it a service to make sure that you are getting the most out of your instrument, especially if you are playing on one of John Hanchet's Spanish shawms.

We can also carry out small repairs and adjustments and make replacements parts or additions such as pirouettes.


Each new instrument will come with a basic soft case.

Also available are editions of music suitable for shawms, bagpipes and chalumeaux.


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