Custom made pirouettes


Pirouettes (£25-£45)

If you have a shawm (new or used) and it does not have a pirouette, you might like to try one. Maybe you have a pirouette, but you are not happy with it. Or you might just have lost the original one.


I will be happy to make or alter a pirouette for you. Please contact with me to discuss the details and depending on the amount of work that needs to be done, we can agree on a price.


Soft bags for shawms.

Soft bags for Spanish model shawms

Bag to fit Alto (F & G)               £20

Bag to fit Soprano (C & D)       £16

Bag to fit Sopranino (F & G)    £12


Soft bags for other model shawms are available at request.


Custom instrument stand
Stand with instruments

Instrument stands (price depending on design)


A custom made instrument stand that will meet your requirement. After you let me know your requirements, I will do a 3D cad model of the design and send you the drawings of it. Production will begin after you have agreed to the design and the price.


Basic music stand
Stand with folder

Basic music stand

£30 (unpainted)

£45 (painted/varnished)

Light weight, stable and fitted with a system that prevents unintentional page turning due to wind.

Approx. dimensions:

0.5m wide x 0.5m deep x 1.2m high.

Set of candle holders


Shawm shaped candle holders             £35 each

The wood as shown in the image is Purple Heart, other woods are available. Feel free to contact me about alternative woods.


Note: Please be aware that these items are hand made and the final product might differ slightly from the ones in the image.