Erik Martens Shawms

From Left to Right: F Alto, C Soprano, Sopranino, D Soprano and G Alto

Spanish Sopranino in F or G     £250


Spanish Soprano in C or D        £350


Spanish Alto in F or G                £500





Included in the prices are a single reed and a shawm bag.

The quoted prices do not include Package and Posting. Please get in contact for a P&P price.

Additional reeds can be supplied with the shawm at extra cost.


Please note: I try to always have a small stock of these instruments, but this not guaranteed. Please get in contact with me if you require a short delivery.

How to play the shawm

Aline Hopchet

First Book



The method will let you discover the world of the shawm, a double-reed instrument which was popular throughout the middle ages until the early baroque era. Here you will learn about the basic repertoire of this wonderful instrument and how the master the main fingering. This method  is aimed at both beginners and more advanced players and includes simple exercises and many pieces from the middle ages, the renaissance and early 17th century.


The book is bilingual. Available in German/English or French/Dutch language.

Price £20 + P&P



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